About the Mediation Institute

The Mediation Institute is an independent non-profit institution founded by The Danish Bar and Law Society and supported by The Association of Danish Law Firms. The institute  appoint mediators, promotes mediation and advises private parties, businesses and public authorities on mediation and strategic conflict resolution.

The Country’s best and most experienced Mediators

The Mediation Institute represents the most experienced mediators whose qualifications cover a wide range of legal areas. Furthermore, the institute advises on mediation, organizes seminars and courses and appoints qualified mediators for all types of cases.

High Ethical Standards

All mediators are subject two set of ethical rules. The Danish Mediation Lawyers’ ethical rules and The Danish Bar and Law Society’s Code of Conduct. which all Danish lawyers are obliged to observe.

The Mediation Institute’s mediators are all lawyers as well as members of the Danish Mediator Lawyers Association and as such they are obliged to
comply with both sets of ethical rules. The requirement to comply with both sets of rules ensures that the mediations are conducted at the highest ethical level.

Business Partners

We cooperate with public authorities, businesses, trade associations and Danish and international education institutions in order to develop specific and implementable ways to mediate.

Board of Directors and Management

Members of the Board are appointed by the General Council of the Danish Bar and Law Society, The Association of Danish Law Firms and The Danish Mediation Lawyers Association. The Board and Direction consists of the following members:

Peter Stakemann

Lawyer and mediator

Kim Haggren

Assistant Manager DI

Finn Lænkholm

Lawyer and mediator

Malene Eigtved

Lawyer and mediator

Sven Petersen

Attorney at Law, Dansk Erhverv

Louise Dahl Krath Jensen

Assistant manager, DI – Dansk Byggeri

Torben Weiss Garne

Deputy director

Trine Schmidt

Lawyer and mediator

You can find our mediation meeting rooms here:


Danske Advokater
Vesterbrogade 32
1620 København V

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DLA Piper
DOKK1, Hack Kampmanns Plads 2, Niveau 3
DK-8000 Aarhus C

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Østre Havnegade 12
9000 Aalborg

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Articles of Association

The Mediation Institute’s articles of association are drawn up in collaboration with the Danish Mediator Lawyers’ Association. The articles of association can be red below.


Mediationsinstituttet / Vesterbrogade 32 / 1620 København V / Tlf. 3939 0066