What does mediation cost?

Commercial and Construction

The price for mediation of a commercial- or a construction dispute is DKK 30.000 + VAT.

Private and Consumer

In cases where one or both parties are private persons or consumers the price is DKK 15.000 + VAT.


Family mediations cost DKK 2.500 + VAT per hour plus an appointment fee of DKK 2.500 + VAT.

Major disputes

In disputes with a subject-matter of DKK 1 million < 5 million a surcharge of 25 % is billed. If the subject-matter exceeds DKK 5 million a surcharge of 50 % is billed.

Fast track mediation

If you choose fast track mediation, the mediation is completed within 7 days after your request. In case of fast track mediation, a supplementary a surcharge of 50 % is billed.

What does the price cover?

Most mediations get settled in one day. The price for commercial and construction mediations covers a full day of mediation (up to 8 hours) and the price for private and consumer mediations covers half a day of mediation (up to 4 hours). The price includes ordinary preparation for the mediator. Family mediations are billed by the hour.

If additional time is needed to prepare and/or finalize the mediation the complementary hours cost DKK 2.500 + VAT per hour.


Meeting rooms and catering

The mediation meetings usually take place in the Mediation Institute’s meeting rooms in Copenhagen, Aarhus or Aalborg (see here) or as agreed upon with the mediator.

Costs for the meeting rooms and catering are charged separately.


If the mediation is canceled by one or both parties before the mediation begins, a cancellation fee of DKK 3,000 + VAT is billed, while the time spent on the mediator’s preparation, regardless of whether it would have been included in the price of the completed mediation, is settled according to the Mediation Institute’s usual hourly rates.

Mediation Rules

All mediations in the Mediation Institute are conducted in accordance with the Mediation Institute’s Mediation Agreement.

Furthermore, to  ensure consistent high quality mediations, all mediators at the institute must comply with the Rules for Mediation at the Mediation Institute

Download the rules here

Additionally, the mediators at the institute are obliged to follow a double set of ethical rules: The ethical rules for the Danish Mediator Lawyers as well as The Danish Bar & Law Society’s Code of Conduct.

See the ethical rules here:
Danish Mediator Lawyers’ ethical rules

The Danish Bar & Law Society’s Code of Conduct


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