Online mediation

Resolve your dispute using online mediation

Usually the mediator, the parties and their counselors are all present during a mediation. But what if the parties are sitting at opposite ends of the country or if it’s a cross-border dispute. And what if the parties do not want to be in the same room?

Especially in light of the covid-19 situation, more and more people are limiting their physical meeting activities and hold meetings virtually.

This is where online mediation comes into play. Mediation is characterized by a high degree of flexibility and the choice of meeting facilities can be agreed between the parties and the mediator – in contrast to litigation and arbitration.

The vast majority of companies today are equipped with IT facilities, meeting rooms prepared for virtual meetings and not least home workstations, which are often quite suitable for online meetings.

Online mediation allows for virtual meetings where the parties and mediator can “share” their screen when, for example summaries, calculations or draft agreements are being prepared. It is also possible to use virtual “whiteboards” for the more creative processes where there is a need to visualize and generate ideas. If the parties agree, they can also take screenshots, record the meeting and share documents and proposals in real time, which increases the efficiency of the process and provides an opportunity for a more active and effective engagement from the meeting participants.

The mediators at the Mediation Institute are skilled in facilitating the mediation process, regardless of whether it is a physical or a virtual meeting. Our mediators assist companies and individuals and their lawyers with online mediations via Zoom, MS Teams, Skype and similar online tools.

What happens in online mediation?

A neutral and impartial mediator helps the parties to identify the conflict issues, discuss individual interests and needs and finally helps the parties to find solutions that suit the parties’ situation and comply with the their interests and needs.

The mediation meeting takes place online via eg. Zoom or MS Teams and it is possible to make use of the technological options that the online tools provide such as breakout rooms, recording function, document sharing, virtual whiteboards etc.

The goal is to reach a mutually satisfactory settlement based on the parties’ interests and needs rather than legal standards only. Mediation does not only focus on the legal issues. You get the chance to speak up and decide the best way to resolve the conflict yourself instead of letting a judge make the decision.

How long does an online mediation take?

Depending on the complexity of the case a commercial conflict typically gets settled in one to two sessions.

The Mediation Institute also offers a fast track process that ensures that the mediation will take place within 48 hours and will be completed within 7 days.

What does online mediation cost?

The price of online mediation is the same as with regular mediation, but expenses for meeting rooms and transport are of course saved. In addition, time for preparation and transport can be saved. See more under prices and rules.

Fast track online mediation

If you choose fast track mediation, we will do everything in our power to make sure that mediation is completed within 7 days after your request. In case of fast track mediation, a supplementary fee equaling 5o % of the normal price will be charged.

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