"Mediation can be used in almost all types of disputes - 4 out of 5 disputes are settled when using mediation"

"Mediation Clauses can save companies millions in litigation costs"

"Mediation helps you to solve disputes in the best possible way"

Constructive Conflict Resolution out of Court
– fast, effective and confidential

The Mediation Institute appoints mediators with the right expertise matching the dispute and your demands.

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All our mediators are lawyers with certified mediation training. The mediators comply with The Danish Mediator Lawyers’ ethical rules as well as The Danish Bar & Law Society’s Code of Conduct including rules on confidentiality and deadlines for completion of the mediation.

The Danish Chamber of Commerce joins Mediation Project

In order to promote the use of mediation, the Danish Mediation Institute has launched a project in mediators are made available free of charge in 20 business and construction disputes. The Mediation Project is launched in collaboration with the Confederation of Danish Industry, The Danish Construction Association, and the Danish Construction and Arbitration Board. And now the Danish Chamber of Commerce is also joining the project.

Weekendavisen - Mediationsterapi

Why is Denmark not at the table when the UN Mediation Convention enters into force next month?
And why is Denmark, as the only country in the EU, not obliged to promote the use of mediation?

Weekendavisen digs deeper for an explanation of why mediation is not used more often in Denmark.


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The Mediation Institute appoints mediators with the right
expertise to help your dispute. We take care of all
the practicalities and ensure the mediators neutrality
and impartiality. Subsequently we evaluate the
mediation proces to make sure you're fully satisfied.


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The Danish Chamber of Commerce joins Mediation Project

Weekendavisen - Mediationsterapi

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